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YMMV: World of Goo
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Basically the entire soundtrack; it makes little balls of goo with eyeballs absolutely epic. Available for free from the artist here.
  • The World Of Goo Is Jesus In Purgatory: Quite possibly the biggest social commentary from a simple indie game about solving physics-based puzzles using goo balls.
  • Fan Translation: 2DBoy relied on fans to translate the game to different languages. Results were good.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The unveiling of product Z, analog with the product X and Y, leads the game to (falsely) announce "World of Goo is now in... 3d!!". As in X, Y and Z axises on a three dimensional coordinate plane, hee hee.
    • The "server farm" level involves building a tower of goo on a platform that tips depending on how you distribute its weight. So in order to reach the exit pipe, you must "load balance" the server — a real computing term.
  • Fridge Horror: It's not the goo balls fault or the Corporation's fault the world is now polluted and destroyed. It's YOURS.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Since it's a physics-based game, it can be broken, resulting in amazing OCD results.
  • Nightmare Fuel: By the end of the first chapter you'll likely be pondering the mental stability of the game's writer.
  • That One Level: "Incineration Destination"
    • The level immediately before it, "You Have To Explode The Head", can make "Incineration Destination" look like a Breather Episode. Good luck with that swaying tower!
    • Tower Of Goo, which appears in the first chapter!
  • Ugly Cute: Most of the goo to some extent, but the skull goo is particularly cute while still managing to look somewhat macabre.

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