YMMV / Welkin Weasels

  • Accidental Innuendo: Calling the sea walls "dykes" is perfectly correct, but these days it's a tad snigger-inducing. And that's just the start.
  • Anvilicious: When Hare and Berk get turned into glass statues, you can see all of their internal organs, perfectly made of glass…except for their throat and lungs which are black with tar and nicotine. Don’t smoke, kids!
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Sylver speaking with the lion in Noah’s Ark. It completely comes out of nowhere, is weirdly dark and dramatic, and is never mentioned again.
  • Complete Monster:
    • The vicious fox Magellan, from Thunder Oak, is feared and dreaded throughout Welkin for his murderous ways. A sadist possessed of a long list of bodies and a fondness for snares for how slowly they choke out the victim, Magellan truly came into his own upon assassinating the noble King Redfur, tossing Welkin into complete chaos and allowing Redfur's evil brother Prince Poynt to come into power and establish a brutal slave regime. Magellan takes advantage of the chaos by rallying up a band of psychopaths and rogues and launching a campaign of slaughter throughout Welkin to jolly himself, pillaging and robbing even the poorest they could find and massacring entire communities worth of innocents. Once allowed to come back into Welkin from his banishment under contract by Prince Poynt to murder the rebel outlaws Sylver and his gang, Magellan immediately returns to old ways by cruelly murdering Sylver's friend Dredless—whose brother he had killed prior during his previous rampage—and cruelly taunting Sylver about it. Reviled even by the corrupt rulers of Welkin whom he indirectly allowed to take power in the first place, Magellan is tempered by no altruistic or humorous traits in a series rife with villains with the same.
    • Grand Inquisitor Torca Marda, from Castle Storm, is an elegantly vicious stoat who once vied for the throne of Welkin in rivalry to his cousin Prince Poynt, outdoing even his cousin in evil by advocating weasel genocide throughout Welkin and founding a corrupt religion that enforced mass torture and execution for all perceived heresy. No less dull in his technique as a Torture Technician after being banished, Torca Marda takes residence in Stormtown where he continues to torture animals for pleasure and imposes the new religion across the entire town. Seeing the potential to assassinate Poynt and take the throne after he gets back into his good graces by handing him Sylver and his outlaw band, Torca Marda murders Sylver's second-in-command Icham by sabotaging a fair tournament and tries to hinder the heroes' efforts to stop a man-eating dragonfly from devouring all of Stormtown, eagerly throwing away dozens of lives in his attempt to either execute or capture Sylver and his friends.
    • Flaggatis is a relentless stoat who longs to take over all of Welkin. After amassing a colossal horde of rats, Flaggatis and his minions roam around Welkin pillaging surrounding nations and laying siege to Castle Rayn. Flaggatis repeatedly torments Prince Poynt and his entourage with his magic spells while his rats continue to ransack the country and kill Lord Ragnar in the ensuing chaos. When his plans fail, Flaggatis attempts to kill Sylver and his gang out at sea, not caring about the sheer amount of rats he loses during his voyage. Centuries after his alleged death, Flaggatis reappears in Welkin as a vampire named Count Flistagga. With several vampire voles at his disposal, he sends multiple groups of voles to Welkin in hopes of turning everyone into a vampire; Flistagga himself turns or kills several innocent civilians, including Mayor Poynt's sister, Sybil, and a young child in the streets. Fueled by his hatred, Flaggatis devoted his entire life to causing as much turmoil in Welkin as possible.
  • Ho Yay: Maudlin and Scruff seem to share beds a lot.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • Wodehead's magic FINALLY WORKING RIGHT.
    • Sheriff Falshed single-handedly slaying the jabjab bird and saving the entire ship and its crew. Sadly, since Falshed is the designated Butt-Monkey, it quickly turns into a Kick the Dog moment. He's the dog.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The jumbled and Crazy Awesome plotting definitely feels like Redwall on LSD.