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YMMV / Vincent van Gogh

  • Ho Yay: Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, at least from Vincent's side. He kept begging Gauguin to come and live with him in Arles and gave him dozens of paintings, basically saying "please be my friend." Unfortunately for him, Gauguin didn't really respect him as an artist and was probably a little creeped out. Their relationship began to deteriorate and poor Vincent cut off his ear with a razor to keep Gauguin from leaving him. Gauguin's response to this was to... leave, and Vincent was soon after committed to a mental hospital. He often asked his brother Theo to have Gauguin come and see him, and at one point he wrote "I think about him all the time."
  • Vindicated by History: Van Gogh's art was never highly regarded until after his death, when a series of memorial exhibitions cemented his reputation. He is now generally considered one of the greatest artists who has ever lived.
  • The Woobie: His life sucked. Read any book about his life if the main page didn't get that point across clearly enough.