YMMV / Varjak Paw

  • Complete Monster: Sally Bones from The Outlaw Varjak Paw is a violent gang leader in the city. Not content with ruling only a portion of the city, Bones and her cats start taking over other districts, including neutral grounds. She also unfairly enforces laws that restrict the other cats' hunting capabilities; those who disobey her laws are taken prisoner, or have their tail and ears cut off. After Varjak and his friends cause trouble for Bones's gang, she sends her cats to come looking for him, and they end up taking Jess hostage when no one gives up Varjak. When Varjak and his gang, later known as the Free Cats, rescue Jess and incapacitate more of Bones' gang, she ambushes the Free Cats, kicks Razor out of her gang for failing her too many times, and orders her cats to cut off all of the Free Cats' ears and tails, which sparks a huge fight. Some of the Free Cats are killed during the skirmish, and Bones's gang kidnaps Holly and holds her hostage. Once Varjak and the Free Cats finally confront Bones, she offers Varjak the opportunity to join her gang in exchange for Holly's life, or else all of his friends will die. Sally Bones is such a loathsome cat in the city that many of her own, frequently abused minions fear her, and some cats outright turn against her.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: The book often attracts people because of Dave McKean's wonderful illustrations.
  • Nightmare Fuel
  • Uncanny Valley: Both the black cats and later, the wind-up toy cats who very likely used to be real cats look just slightly... wrong, especially in the illustrations.