YMMV / Vampire Reviews

  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Elisa was this for The Nostalgia Chick and ended up getting this show out of it. She's come a long way from the Makeover Fairy.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In October of 2011, Elisa creates the vampire-obsessed Perky Goth Maven of the Eventide. Then, in September of 2012, Columbia Pictures releases to theaters Hotel Transylvania, which features a young, Perky Goth vampire named Mavis, which Maven reviews in a vlog.
    “And if any of you start calling me Mavie-Wavie, I will find out where you sleep and make you regret it!<Beat, cheerful> “Bye!”note 
    • When discussing Monster High in her Monster Mash video, she expresses surprise that Frankie Stein is the main protagonist of the line as opposed to Draculaura despite being a vampire (which in a traditional Monster Mash is the leader) and is pink. Cue the 2016 reboot Welcome to Monster High, where Draculaura is the main POV instead.
  • Moe: Maven for being a pretentious but lovable Perky Goth fangirl.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: "Good eeeeeeeevening. I am ze Maven of ze Eventide..."
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • In "Vampire Wine", a drunk Maven trying to stake an also drunk and uncaring Chick. Luckily for both of them, Nella still has her reflexes.
    • Anyone else freaked out when The Nostalgia Critic was staring at Maven's Count Chocula cereal with an obsessive look on his face?