YMMV / Vacancy

The Film

  • Complete Monster: Mason is the manager of the Pine View motel, and apparently an affably and decent guy. However, he is in fact also a director of of snuff films. Using a pair of serial killers, he films lodgers to his hotel getting terrorized and murdered after letting said patrons discover videos of past victims that he leaves in their rooms. We see a number of these videos, and in Mason's office there are dozens more of them up on shelves. When a cop tries to rescue the main protagonists Amy and David, Mason has him killed and blames Amy and David. When David is stabbed and apparently killed, Mason, with a totally emotionless expression, simply films him. Near the end of the film, after Amy manages to kill both of the serial killers with her car, Mason flies into a rage and attempts to beat and strangle her to death himself while filming.
  • Paranoia Fuel
  • Sequelitis: Even though there is a 2, it's actually Prequelitis in this case since it's a prequel.

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