YMMV / Tunnels

  • Broken Base: The series's finale. To some, it is the adequate culmination of a surprisingly well-written Mind Screw series of books, while to other, it is a bizarre and disturbing ending which does not end things very much.
  • Crazy Awesome: Martha varies between this, and just plain crazy.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Perhaps inevitable, given the sheer amount of characters who die or reveal themselves as traitors.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Some feel the ending of the series is this. The Styx plan is stopped and humanity survives. However, in the process, Earth is removed from its orbit around the sun. Humans survive underground, but all life on Earth’s surface will die out as the surface freezes over.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: Yeah, it's for kids, and also is full of claustrophobic perils, biologic horrors and bloody deaths.