YMMV / Troy Rising

  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: If Earth ever gets invaded by Space Pirates and the Space Police won't help, the best way to ascertain our freedom is by becoming interstellar drug dealers AKA, "If you get mugged and the cops don't care, you're effectively a criminal. Adjust your ethics appropriately."
  • Fridge Logic:
    • Solar power is NEVER used. For nothing. A serious problem in the second book revolves around Earth being cut off from interstellar fuel. No one mentions solar power. Coal, nuclear, sure, solar, never even though the SAPL is basically solar power writ large it's never even mentioned. Everything runs off He 3 to the point where it's very odd.
    • They have mirrors sufficient to turn sunlight into Beam Spam, so they probably just got overly focused.
    • More to the point, He 3 is mentioned to be extremely rare, and the fuel stations pumps a lot of atmosphere to get it. You'd think they might try harvesting fuel for fusion too. That way, you get high efficiency ground power plants, and spacecraft that are in the realm of possibility for most modern industrialized countries to build. For that matter, after Vernon decides to use a clean fusion bomb-pumped ORION engine for the battleglobes, you would think Earth might start trying to build ORION shuttles. They could probably carry a similar cargo capacity to Paw tugs, whilst being exceptionally cheaper to produce and run.
    • Even stranger, Solar panels are things we have powering the majority of our space stations, satelites, and probes now. And for ships too far out from the sun to benefit (such as the Voyager probes), they have nuclear power sources... which again, we have now. And would probably be even more effective when combined with alien tech.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: Of Schlock Mercenary. Ringo and Taylor met, hit it off, and when Ringo mused on the First Contact days, Tayler enthusiastically gave him permission to write that story. Unfortunately, they lost touch and the books fell into Canon Discontinuity. Taylor still loves them, however.
    Howard Taylor: I wish those Ringo books were canon, but no, they're not. John and I haven't compared notes in three years. We've diverged. We'd need a nuclear shoehorn to make these things fit in the same, consistent space. Hopefully that doesn't ruin anybody's fun. If you want to create a section [in the Schlock Mercenary wiki] for "Reconciling Schlock Mercenary with Troy Rising" you have our blessing.