Awesome / Troy Rising

  • Troy, fitted out with the Orion drive, rams at high speed the Second Squadron of Rangora assault vectors, which are the biggest, nastiest ships currently in space, coming through the gate.
    Admiral Kinyon: "Was there a thump? There should have been a thump."
    Captain Sharp: "I... think so. I sort of noticed one. But it was drowned out by the Orion."
    Admiral Kinyon: "Good Troy. Good girl..."
    • Hell, the basic design premise for Troy (and, by extension, the Battle Globe concept). Big ol' hunk of nickel/iron, filled with icy stuff and hit with a laser? Sounds like a recipe for a rather crap bomb (or KEV). Do it slow enough that you get an usable habitat volume 9km in diameter with a kiometer-and-a-half armoured skin? Death Star, except small enough to actually build.
  • When first the SAPL is used in battle against the Horvath cruiser. Part of its shields have been taken down by the breacher rounds from the Star Fury, and the lesser beams are targeted on the breach, causing minor damage. Then they make the decision to aim the VSA, which can only fire for thirty seconds before the mirror overheats, on the breach. They miss the breach, instead hit the intact shields at the front of the ship...and core it in one shot.
  • In The Hot Gate, the Rangora actually manage to to take Thermopylae temporarily out of action, by focusing fire on the laser and missile ports, and the door itself. While clearing the ports is doable, the door is rather harder to get open. Someone suggests that they hit it with a hammer, to which the admiral asks if anyone has a hammer the size of Mjölnir. Initially, they plan to use their own missiles, until Granatica turns the cruiser she was working on into a starship-sized hammer. Of course, it's named Mjölnir.