YMMV / Tiny Tiptoes

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Are Carol's feelings for Rolfe at the end genuine, or did she only go to him in desperation because she needed someone to help her take care of her baby due to Steven leaving?
  • Narm: Most of the film devolves into this in one way or another, especially given the subject matter.
    • The "midget hospital" Carol goes into to have her child (Vincent) delivered. Not only is this patently absurd (they could have gone to a regular hospital, which would have treated them just as well), but the ridiculousness is only amplified by the dwarf doctor that walks in wearing a tiny lab coat and stethoscope.
    • The scene in which Steven tells Carol about how he used to play "doctor" with a group of dwarves when he was younger was probably intended to be serious, but it takes on a hilarious tone when Carol states that she "would like to see that". The camera angles and her line delivery make it sound like she's aroused by the concept of dwarf porn.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The film is often considered to be this, due in large part to the ridiculous trailer (that makes it seem like a light-hearted romantic comedy), the sight of Gary Oldman as a dwarf and the mawkish seriousness the cast displays in the final third of the film.
  • Special Effects Failure: Gary Oldman as Rolfe. Not only does he look nothing like a dwarf, but it's clear in many scenes (which feature Forced Perspective) that the effect of him "walking" is just Oldman shuffling along on his knees.
  • Squick: Beckinsale's character, Carol, sets a used pregnancy test on top of a cup of coffee she was drinking.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Without much build up, the film ends with Carol telling Rolfe "You can kiss me if you want". He does so, and the film fades to black.
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously: All the actors seem to be trying really hard to sell the ridiculous premise. Even McConaughey (whose performances are otherwise notoriously laid back) gives it his all.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Gary Oldman as the dwarf Rolfe, made even odder by the large number of actual dwarves on hand. It's downright offensive considering the casting of Peter Dinklage, perhaps the most well-known and respected dwarf actor, in a supporting role that ultimately has nothing to with the main plot and exists only to show that dwarfs have sexual relationships with normal sized people.