YMMV / Three O'Clock High

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: On the IMDb's message board for the film, there's been a fair amount of speculation as to Buddy's actual motives throughout. Did he challenge Jerry to a fight and then lose on purpose only because rumors are circulating about him and he doesn't like being the center of attention? If so, is he flying by the seat of his pants, playing Xanatos Speed Chess or running a Batman Gambit? Some have speculated that the reason he looks older than he apparently is is because he is older, and has done this sort of thing many times at many different schools, redeeming nerds and geeks just For the Lulz or for some other, more personal reason.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Hey, that's Asst. Director Walter Skinner as Duke!
    • And it sounds a lot like Lisa Simpson saying, "I'm telling you, this guy's supposed to be a total psycho!"
  • Signature Scene: The book report. It bears almost no connection to the plot (viewed out of context it appears as if taken from a Teacher/Student Romance movie) and yet is by far the most memorable.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • Jerry, a high school student, kissing with a school teacher without any repercussions.
    • The casual use of the word "fag" which, in the 80's, was Fair for Its Day.
    • Given his record Buddy would have been expelled and arrested for bullying a student.