YMMV / The Yardbirds

  • Covered Up: Possibly their version of Howlin' Wolf's "Smokestack Lightning"; it certainly became strongly associated enough with them that other bands in the London scene eventually stopped playing it. To a lesser extent "I'm A Man" as well.
  • Face of the Band: They're probably best known today for having three of rock's most highly regarded guitarists in their line-up at one point or another, but back then Keith Relf was the real face.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: It wasn't a casting agency but the band itself that made this decision, but at one point, when Jeff Beck was in the band, bassist Paul Samwell-Smith decided he wanted to quit and be a record producer (which he duly did.) This left them with two guitarists and no bass player, so Jimmy Page agreed to join the band...as bass player, because Chris Dreja didn't know how to play bass. So for a while, the band had two of rock's greatest guitarists in its lineup, but only one of them was playing guitar, because the third guitarist was taking too long to learn a new instrument. (Dreja and Page did eventually swap roles, and Beck left shortly afterwards.)