Trivia / The Yardbirds

  • Author Existence Failure: Keith Relf died in 1976.
  • Creative Differences: Eric Clapton was a blues purist who felt the band were selling out by releasing the pop single "For Your Love", which prompted his departure from the group.
  • Fan Nickname: Roger The Engineer was originally a Self-Titled Album in England. The cover art was Chris Dreja's cartoon portrait of the album's engineer, Roger Cameron, which was titled "Roger The Engineer". As with The Beatles' The White Album, fans started referring to the album by its cover design, and the fan nickname eventually became the semi-official album title.
  • Hitless Hit Album: Thanks to UK record industry practices.
  • The Pete Best: Founding lead guitarist Anthony "Top" Topham, who was replaced by Clapton. To his credit, he's never seemed too bothered by it and has said that he'd probably have quit the group eventually and "for the same reasons as Eric".
    • Somewhat averted in that Topham rejoined the band nearly 50 years later when Dreja was forced to retire due to health reasons.