YMMV / The Women

  • Bechdel Test: Failed. They don't talk about anything BUT men.
  • Hollywood Homely: Lucy.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Cracked accused the [[http://www.cracked.com/article/194_7-popular-chick-flicks-that-secretly-hate-women_p2/ 2008 remake as being one of those movie written by women to make women look bad/bitchy/cruel to each other. Ironically, it subverts Cracked's accusations by having the main characters eventually kiss and make up at the end, which ironically is one of the main reasons why the remake flopped, due to it neutering Mary's roaring rampage of revenge at the end.
    • In regards to adultery, the film paints a portrait that adultery is bad if you're a bad person. Crystal Allen and Miriam Aarons both have affairs with married men, but Crystal is considered the villain because of how manipulative she is.
    • The line about Crystal's black maid from the '39 film: "[Krystal] thinks that just because Lou's dark he won't see her!"
    • The way the women talk about their husbands implies that all men are faithless goons with incredibly fragile egos, and that this is only to be expected and if you don't put up with it, you're failing. No favors done to either sex.
  • Values Dissonance: Women, even if your man has an affair, makes your life miserable because you have a better-paying job, or beats you, divorce is a horrible terrible thing and you should forgive it all without a second thought. Because men are pigs and life is meaningless without them.