YMMV / The Way of the Gun

  • Cult Classic: The film remains popular among firearms enthusiasts for its strong aversions of Guns Do Not Work That Way, and Film Noir fans for its modern take on the genre's classic tropes.
  • Designated Hero: A deliberate example with Parker and Longbaugh, both of whom are ruthless career criminals who are barely kinder than the guys they're fighting and would ordinarily be the villains of another film.
  • Idiot Plot: A deliberate example, funnily enough. The only man who thinks things through before acting seems to be Sarno. Needless to say, he comes out on top.
    Sarno: So, you're the brains behind this operation?
    Longbaugh: To tell you the truth, I don't think this is a 'brains' kind of operation.
  • One-Scene WonderSarah Silverman as the "Raving Bitch."
  • Retroactive Recognition: Sarah Silverman is the annoying girlfriend at the start of the film.