Funny / The Way of the Gun

  • The Longbaugh portions of the Terrible Interviewees Montage:
    Longbaugh: I've...never killed a man.
    Interviewer: I beg your pardon?
    Longbaugh: I said I never killed a man.
    Interviewer: I didn't ask if you had.
    Longbaugh: You asked why I thought I was qualified, I think of that as qualification.
    Interviewer: And I'm just wondering why that in particular strikes you as an important qualification for semen donation.
    Longbaugh: I would say that's a big fucking qualification - excuse me, a very important qualification.
    Interviewer: No one's ever said that before.
    Longbaugh: Have you ever asked?
    Interviewer: No.
    Longbaugh: You should.
    • And then later:
    Longbaugh: Why's that such a big deal?
    Longbaugh: Of course they don't, it's sick.
    Interviewer: You brought it up!
    Longbaugh: Only to say I never did it.
    Interviewer: I didn't ask you that.
    Longbaugh: You should.
  • The entire opening sequence, in which Sarah Silverman drops one of the most sustained Cluster F Bombs in the history of cinema. Her character is credited simply as "Raving Bitch".