YMMV / The Water Phoenix King

  • Nightmare Fuel: Everyone's mileage will vary on this one — will it be the battle sequences full of dismemberments and brainings, the instances of raw magic being used to dismantle people Dark Phoenix style, the demonic transmogrification sequences, the incompletely-decapitated Lich or the whimsical little torture angels? There's something for everybody!
  • Values Dissonance: What you'd expect from a story set in an intersection of feudal societies where birth and property (with certain historically-based exceptions) determine social status — Truth in Television. We're just not used to seeing it in fantasy (or historical fiction) being depicted so bluntly, at least not when committed by our side. The past is another country, with its own customs, after all; some of them less Moral Dissonances than Social Mores and pragmatism — we are regularly reminded that everyone above a certain age has lived through a brutal ground war and everyone younger through its aftermath, when for example, the kindly innkeeper critiques an adventurer's throat-cutting skills and his wife proves more at home with boiling oil and sucking chest wounds than home-cooked meals. (Though looting the fallen may not be a Dissonance anymore, thanks to WOW...).