YMMV / The Wallflower

  • Crosses the Line Twice: A lot of the humor, especially in the manga. If you're not into Black Comedy, then this series isn't for you.
  • Ending Fatigue: The manga doesn't seem to know how to end. Once it finally did end in early 2015, it was a looong time coming.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: It's easy to interpret this one of two ways. Either "The need to fit societal definitions of beauty is more important than being yourself!", or "Supposedly 'ugly' women can be beautiful, too, with just a little love and care!".
  • Franchise Zombie: It could have ended quite happily after the 12th volume, been forgiven by ending after the 15th/16th and at least redeemed by ending at a nice round 20. It got so bad that by the time they hit 29 volumes and a little over 100 chapters, even the scanslators had given up. Thankfully, it finally ended in 2015, but by that time they had over 36 volumes worth of material before the big finale occurred.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Mostly involving Yuki, specially in the episodes centered around him.
    • With all four bishonen in general, at least occasionally, though it's almost always Played for Laughs.
    • One time, when Sunako was being harassed by Kyohei's fangirls and the guys told Kyohei to say something to stop it, he announced he was going out with Ranmaru. In a later chapter, when Kyohei was being haunted by the spirits of said fangirls, he actually kissed Ranmaru in his sleep. In both cases, the fangirls didn't seem to mind. Ranmaru, on the other hand...
    • Kyohei clinging onto Takenaga in a very loving manner. He usually only does this when Noi is around, though.
  • Lost Aesop: The intended moral is "There are different kinds of 'ladies' than the prim and proper in ballgowns kind" or "Be Yourself, but have some situational awareness." But this gets fuzzy at times....
  • Narm Charm: This series is just ridiculous; the characters are always screaming, the conflicts that arise are driven solely by Rule of Funny and/or Rule of Cool with no regard reality, the ways the characters solve the conflicts are ham-fisted at best, the animation is wonky, and in the end, nothing is ever really accomplished. But you know what? It's fun.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Sunako is this to most people.
  • Rule of Cool/Rule of Funny/Rule of Drama/Rule of Fun: The fuel of the series.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • In the J-Drama, Kyohei bursting into heart-broken sobs right after his mother has a breakdown, screams that she shouldn't have given birth to him, and his father forbids him to see her (to make matters worse, this is the scene right after Kyohei's mother seems to accept him again and has asked him to come home more often).
    • Also this line from the last episode of the anime: "The best person for me has already passed away...." Poor Auntie!