YMMV / The Tester

  • Ensemble Dark Horse: SkyD1ddy has proven to be one of the more popular contestants from the third season, mainly due to his energy and overall comic potential.
  • What An Idiot: Despite Egoraptor's overall treatment, it's pretty clear that Sony is using his popularity to gain views on YouTube. Once Egoraptor got kicked off for questionable reasons, the amount of views took one hell of a nosedive. To make this worse, the following episode still has Egoraptor in the tags, so Sony is desperate enough to do that and get views. Classy.
    • At the beginning of The Tester's third season, Sony's website had "WILL EGORAPTOR SURVIVE?" right on the front page. On the YouTube upload, Egoraptor is the only contestant in the tags. When called out on this, Sony hastily added all the other contestants to the tags. And, as mentioned above, they still use Ego's name even if he's not even in the game anymore. And they tried to run his name into the ground with Manipulative Editing, and pretty much made sure the judges give him no mercy. Yeah, Sony. Get rid of the only thing that's making you get views. Nice going.
    • To make it even worse, the grounds in which he is eliminated on, mainly "why didn't you stay behind and help your team shoot the melons", are heavily flawed, as this video shows.