YMMV / The Serpent and the Rainbow

  • Complete Monster: Dargent Peytraud is the leader of the infamous Haitian Tontons Macoutes death squad and a practitioner of Voodoo who is in charge of keeping the Haitian population in line through terror and torture. He uses a special drug to steal peoples' soul and make them appear dead. The ones who don't suffocate after being buried alive are exhumed and turned into unwilling zombie slaves. When anthropologist Dr. Dennis Alan comes to Haiti to investigate, Peytraud brutally tortures him by hammering a nail into his genitals. He haunts Alan's dreams, filling them with nightmarish visions of the walking dead and later frames him for murder to force him to leave town. Eventually, Peytraud uses his Black Magic to control a woman in order to make her murder Alan. When Allan returns he uses the same trick on his ally to make him decapitate himself and then drugs Alan and places him inside a coffin with a tarantula. When he and Alan finally square off at the end, he tries to perform a human sacrifice on Alan's beloved Michelle by beheading her.