YMMV / The Sea Hawk

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Perhaps the most over-the-top and wildly effective scene has Thorpe and his crew, escaped from slavery on a Spanish galley, bursting into song (with the full backing of Korngold's orchestra) as they set forth to England. Real lump in the throat stuff.
  • Values Dissonance: At one point, the film suffers from a bit of a disconnect due to the passage of time. Geoffret Thorn is a handsome and charming swashbuckler, but when he's in front of The Spanish Inquisition he boasts of pillaging and burning Spanish towns to the ground, proudly confessing to doing more of it than he's being charged with. In the 1930s this made him a badass to kids watching the movie; today, it sounds like he's writing his own indictment to go before the ICC and one can hardly blame the Spanish judge for throwing the book at him and the Spanish government for demanding that the English government pull the plug on their privateers as a result.