YMMV / The Return of Swamp Thing

  • Awesome Music: "Born on the Bayou", the opening credits theme. Can be seen for yourself here.
  • Complete Monster: Dr. Anton Arcane, from this film and its prequel, is a wicked Mad Scientist with dreams of immortality and power over the world. In the first movie, Arcane seeks to exploit the invention of the noble scientist Dr. Alec Holland, a solution capable of solving world hunger, having the staff of Holland's facility massacred by his mercenary entourage while personally murdering Holland's sister. Arcane later takes the formula for himself while testing it on one of his own men as gratitude for procuring it for him, mutating him into a freakish pig-man. In the second movie, Arcane facilitates the experimentation on countless dozens of innocent people, resulting in most of them killed in the process and those who survived afflicted with horrific, mutative growths, while throwing away the lives of his own subordinates to use their DNA to extend his own life and eventually killing his own daughter to reverse the degeneration of his body. The epitome of selfishness and dark ambition, Arcane's ultimate wish is to force the world to bow to him or starve, concerned only with his power and legacy above even the lives of his closest friends and family.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The film is a great mixture of goofy superheroics and awesome fight scenes.