YMMV / The Queen

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: When the Queen visits Diana's public memorial, the camera lingers on a poster that says "They do not deserve you." Flash-forward to over ten years later, where another well-known film features the line "Be careful, Diana. They do not deserve you."
  • Humour Dissonance: The writer and director discuss this on the DVD Commentary. Having watched the film alongside audiences in Britain, America and Vienna, they were fascinated by the fact that only some nationalities found jokes that had been deliberately inserted into the script as funny, whilst others were laughing at things that were meant to be serious (such as the Americans laughing at the Prime Minister eating fish-fingers or footage of celebrities turning up at Diana's funeral).
  • Values Dissonance: Though the movie premiered at a time when Diana's fond memory was still very much apparent, younger viewers not as familiar with Princess Diana and her legacy who watch the film years later may end up agreeing with Prince Philip in that hordes of citizens with absolutely no relationship with the deceased showing extreme public grief was bewildering or nonsensical at best and embarrassing at worst —- something that sons William and Charles would also admit to feeling decades after her death.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: The stag.
    • Could be a case of Epileptic Trees as according to the DVD Commentary, the writer suggests that he meant for the stag to represent the Queen herself (that the stag made it to fourteen points suggests it was lucky to have survived for such a long time). Most people naturally assume that it's Diana, hunted and then killed.