Funny / The Queen

  • Courtesy of the Queen Mum:
    If there is a photographer out there, he could be the first kill of the day.
  • The first Blair/Queen meeting:
    HM Queen Elizabeth II: Have we shown you how to start a nuclear war yet?
    Tony Blair: Er, no.
    HM Queen Elizabeth II: First thing we do apparently, then we take away your passport and spend the rest of our time sending you around the world.
    Tony Blair: You obviously know my job better than I do.
    HM Queen Elizabeth II: Yes well, you are my tenth Prime Minister, Mister Blair. My first of course was Winston Churchill, he sat in your chair in a frock coat and top hat. And he was kind enough to give a shy young girl like me quite an education.
    Tony Blair: I would imagine.
  • A very, very dark example, but funny if you can remember the real Princess Margaret:
    Prince Philip: I've just come off the phone to your sister.
    The Queen: Well I hope you told her to come back and cut her holiday short.
    Prince Philip: Of course.
    The Queen: I imagine she wasn't best pleased.
    Prince Philip: That's putting it mildly.
    The Queen: What did she say?
    Prince Philip: Something about Diana managing to be even more annoying dead than alive.
  • This troper is always amused whenever the Queen's corgis show up.
  • This conversation between Blair and Campbell:
    Alistair Campbell: You seen the papers?
    Tony Blair: No, I thought I'd give them a miss today. Of course I've seen the bloody papers!