YMMV / The Punisher 2099

  • Complete Monster: The new Punisher's Arch-Enemy is Darryl King, a Super Villain known as "Fearmaster" who juggles being a Corrupt Corporate Executive, The Don, a Serial Killer, and a Sinister Minister. When not ordering the demolition of inhabited neighborhoods and overseeing experimentation on the downtrodden as a part of his day job as a member of Alchemax, he acted as the head of the Cyber-Nostra, and used his transformative powers on innocent women, disfiguring some and turning others (such as the Punisher's fiance, Kerry) into decorative statues for his amusement. And while he also used his abilities to revitalize those who attended his church, he had the rejuvenations be only temporary so that his congregation would become addicted to them and give him anything in exchange for them, including sex. His contempt for everyone around him also extended to his own allies; when the criminals that the Punisher had locked in his basement begged Fearmaster to let them out, Fearmaster ignored them, and referred to the prospect of them all starving to death as a "bonus".
  • Crazy Awesome: A frequent occurance, an example being when an evil shaman claims that death will allow him to ascend to Godhood. The Punisher sabotages this by dramatically feeding the man to a particle accelerator, which will supposedly incinerate his spirit.
    Punisher: ... I'm gonna get me a gun that shoots souls to death!
  • Designated Evil: After Jake becomes director of SHIELD, he eventually employs technology designed to track thoughts to detect malicious intent, so they can stop crimes before they happen. This is treated as a sign of how far Jake has gone over the edge, and it is the kind of thing you'd see in a lot of dystopia fiction. The problem is, the only times we see it being used are on people who were very clearly about to commit murder. Instead of coming off as a horrible device that will cause people to be arrested for having nasty thoughts, it instead comes off as an effective way to prevent serious crimes.
  • Memetic Mutation: A number of Jake's deranged declarations, especially, "I don't need a jet pack — all I need is hate!"
  • So Bad, It's Good: They combined The Punisher with Judge Dredd (which Pat Mills also helped create) and made it as over-the-top gritty as possible.