YMMV / The Pro

  • Designated Hero: The titular heroine is much less scrupulous than the League of Honor and ultimately fails at being a better hero. In addition to being unnecessarily brutal towards the Noun and being treated as in the right when the League of Honor chew her out for being excessive in how harshly she treated the villain, this is highlighted when she gets even with one of her clients by having a bunch of prostitutes shove extremely painful objects up his ass and later tears off his whole jaw for attempting to shoot her son. It also doesn't help that she dismisses the League of Honor as being useless in spite of their leader saving the life of her child.
  • Informed Wrongness: The heroes are attacked for not stopping 9/11 and for not being willing to destroy whole schools to take out one bad guy. But they point out they were busy with another crisis and the Pro does not counteract the Wonder Woman expy pointing out as vigilantes they have no right to decide to take a life.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: The titular character's short-changing client. While it was a dick move to try and shoot her when she insisted he pay full price for her services and later tried to kill her son, it was still unnecessarily brutal of her to punish him by letting prostitutes shove painful objects up his ass and to rip off his entire jaw.