YMMV / The Pianist

  • Award Snub: Some felt this way when Chicago won Best Picture over this at the Oscars.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Japan was the film's highest grossing foreign market. In fact, the film made almost as much money in Japan as it did in North America.
  • Narm: Many people actually admit laughing when an old Jewish man in a wheelchair is thrown to his death from a balcony by German soldiers while it's no laughing matters at all. The scene's timing makes it involuntarily comedic, not to mention the absurd demand of the German officer to the man (ordering him to stand up), and a woman screaming as the man falls produces Vocal Dissonance.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: The debate about whether or not Roman Polanski should have been awarded the Best Director Oscar for this film can sometimes overshadow the film itself. On the one hand there's those who simply agree that yes, Polanski was a fully deserving winner. Others see his award as either a Consolation Award for his even more highly-regarded works earlier in his career, or a Dark Horse Victory resulting from two of the other Best Director candidates (most likely Martin Scorsese and Rob Marshall) splitting the vote. And then there's those who feel that due to his... past transgressions, Polanski should not be considered for an Oscar or any other award.
  • Tear Jerker: It's a Holocaust movie. It's to be expected.
    • In particular, "I wish I knew you better."
    • The way Szpilman clutches to the jar of pickles that he finds.
    • The fate of Captain Wilm Hosenfeld, who actively hid and helped Szpilman in the final days of the war. When he hears Szpilman is in a Polish camp nearby, he pleads to a Polish soldier to tell Szpilman that he's there, and that he'll vouch for the captain. By the time Szpilman gets there, the German prisoners are gone. The movie's epilogue says that the last thing known about him is that he died in a Soviet prisoner-of-war camp in 1953.