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YMMV: The Most Extreme
  • Nightmare Fuel: The episode "Horrors", epsecially the winner (parasitic worms)- some can penetrate through your skin, and then live inside you!
    • In "Odd Couples", the Greenland and Pacific sleeper sharks are sluggish in cold water, so a small bioluminescent bloodsucking copepod attaches itself to the eye and acts like a fishing lure (which also blinds the shark). Yep, having a parasite for an eye!
    • "Body Snatchers": Toxoplasma, hands down. No wonder it won in this category.
  • Squick:"Gross Outs".
  • Tear Jerker: In "Mothers", the fate of the mother octopus. She starves herself for months keeping her eggs safe and when they hatch she's so exhausted that she can't defend herself when a predatory fish arrives. And she only won number two.
  • Unfortunate Implications: In "Mothers", the sea louse wins because she's dragged into a cavern by a male sea louse who promptly forcibly impregnates her and leaves her there with thousands of parasitic babies that eat her from the inside out and eventually rip her in half when they come out. This is depicted as "good parenting" and "making the ultimate sacrifice for your children". From a human standpoint, it's actually Child by Rape and Death by Childbirth.

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