YMMV / The Mediator

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Paul Slater is a pretty complex character. Opinion varies between fans: was he truly a callous, uncaring Jerk Ass rich teen who eventually learned to accept that things do not always go exactly how he wants them, that he is not better than anyone else because of his gifts, and becomes a better person because of it? Or was he really just a Jerkass Woobie, neglected by his parents, isolated and in need of a true and honest friend who just likes him for being him the whole time?
    • Are Suze's parents really as oblivious as they seem? And why don't they seem to care that she spends more time than usual with the principal?
    • In real life Father Dom likely would have been Mistaken for Pedophile a long time ago. I'm surpised her parents have never questioned the fact that the principal calls her at home and meets with her during school hours. When he comes over to their house, she throws herself at him and starts sobbing into his shirt. And her parents never say boo.