Funny / The Mediator

  • Father Dominic, after seeing Suze punch the ghost of a former student after she called her a bitch one too many times, simply comments drily, "Interesting mediation techniques they're teaching out east these days."
  • The fact that Suze regularly steals from the confiscated and contraband drawer in Father Dominic's office so that she has something to do while they have their mediator heart-to-hearts- and that he's clearly give up trying to stop her by this point. Items she takes include Tetris and Silly Putty.
    • Gets even funnier when Father Dom gets her to look at something at one point, and she hands the game over to him to keep her score. At first he's predictably confused at how to play. A minute later, he ends up getting a high score.
      • And as she's leaving, she's amused to hear the game give a dissenting beep and Father D cursing.
  • When Suze is going off on a rant about how stupid Jesse was to agree to marry his cousin, Maria de Silva, who was not only an amoral bitch but had her boyfriend kill him, he tells her to 'stop calling her that'. Naturally assuming that he means the work 'skank', she agrees, and keeps berating him. He stops her again and says that he was actually talking about her referencing Maria as his "girlfriend". Coming from such a complete gentleman like Jesse, that's freaking hilarious.
    • Gets even funnier in Twilight/Heaven Sent. The exact same situation happens when Suze shifts into the past and meets alive!Jesse. She agrees to stop calling Maria names, and he says he was actually talking about her referring to the future.
  • Considering how malicious and menacing Maria de Silva, the ghost of Jesse's ex-fiancée was when she was introduced, it's quite funny to see her having to call on her husband to fight for her when Suze snaps and simply starts beating her face into the roof times with astounding ease, leaving her whimpering and with a broken nose.
  • The fact that even a hundred a fifty years in the past and terrified of what he thinks of her, not to mention wondering how to explain the situation and the sheer terror at the idea of having to let him go, Suze giggles at the fact that Jesse's distain with her wardrobe is still the same.
  • In Twilight/Heaven Sent, Felix Diego comes up to the loft in order to murder Jesse, thinking that he's asleep. He's not, and proves it by speaking aloud- and in Spanish. Despite the tension, it's pretty hard not to laugh when Suze once more curses the fact that she took French, and gets Paul to play the unwilling translator.
    Suze: What did he say?!
    Paul: (clearly annoyed) He said, "so it is true." Now shut up so I can hear.