YMMV: The Girl Can't Help It

  • Values Dissonance: This is a film about current-for-the-day pop and rock music made in the 1950s to fit under the Hays Code. For some, the film just doesn't work these days. The guys casually objectify women without any of the usual modern female reactions. There are black musicians in the film, but they are mostly there to perform — they are Flat Characters.
    • These "black musicians" were none other than Little Richard, Fats Domino, Abbey Lincoln, The Platters, some of the best rock/doo-wop/big band musicians of the 50s, all of them given greater and/or equal prominence to the white musicians. They are shown as "Artists" and given prominence via music, they are not scenery or background. They are a vital part of the film and they are respected for their music.