YMMV / The Gamer's Alliance

  • Magnificent Bastard: The Master. He travels with the heroes who are unaware of his true identity and who are actually looking for him. He manipulates people (both good and evil) without them realizing it, devises elaborate plans so that any outcome benefits him in the end (most notably using the heroes' victories against them in the long run), quickly adapts to changing situations, uses the heroes' skills to his advantage, gets rid of powerful rivals while ostensibly helping the heroes, frames others for things which he has done, and has even been responsible for the rise of a few BigBads who have been acting as his unsuspecting pawns. His true motives remain shrouded so even his closest minions don't quite know what he's really after. He has also been behind and influenced many events (and even taken advantage of other villains' plans) which have taken place in the Godslayer arc and even before that. He has been at least two steps ahead of almost everyone else so far and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Arawn locks a group of starving elven slaves, many of them being children, into a house full of food and burns it to the ground. Zarnagon brutally rapes Varalia. Dylas kills his half-brother Amon.
  • The Woobie: Leon. First his father kills his sister, beats him up, and disowns him for being a bisexual. Then Leon tries to find solace from his mother, the goddess Artemicia, who instead poisons and threatens him for bothering her. He loses his best friend and love interest Hiroshi Hayabusa in a battle. Leon's trustworthy master Taliesin turns out to have used him to test various traps as well as use him as a pawn in a complex game of intrigue with sorcerers, which upsets him. When he finally learns to control his powers, he tries to prevent a prophecy but ends up setting that very prophecy in motion by trying to stop it in the first place, and when he tries to set things right and murder the psychotic sorcerer Arawn, he dies by Arawn's hand and his very essence is used to power up Arawn's dagger which later partially causes a world-shattering catastrophe. Leon returns to life later but as a revenant, but his resurrection causes other, less kind spirits to invade the Land of the Living, which leads to untold suffering in years to come. Leon loses yet another love interest, Dorcas Luchester, when the girl is executed, and when he tries to use his lingering godly powers to help the heroes, he accidentally disables all magic, which nearly destroys the world. He loses many dear friends over the course of his adventures, but eventually he's given a chance at a normal life when the gods grant him a new, truly mortal life, he marries his companion Miyuki and has a daughter with her, and becomes the teacher and advisor of King Gerard of Maar Sul.