Nightmare Fuel / The Gamer's Alliance

Although tGA has several funny, heartwarming and sad moments, there are also times when something truly horrific and nightmare-inducing happens.

  • The Blood Fever is a plague which affects those of elven blood. Once you're infected, there's little hope of finding a cure even if it's treated in its early stages. The symptoms start mild but get progressively more horrible as victims start bleeding all over the place and they essentially turn into bloated monstrosities before agonizingly passing away. The elven journal entries from Sanae give an account of the documented spread of the Blood Fever and how the entries become more and more desperate as the writers come to realize the nightmare they've ended up in.
    • Arguably even worse is the Plague of Undeath, a deadlier variant of the Blood Fever tampered with shadow magic and necromancy, which infects anyone regardless of race and kills them much faster than Blood Fever would. However, the side effect of this new strain of the plague is that it turns all the infected who have perished to its effects into undead, most of whom become mindless flesh-eating, walking corpses with very few regaining their intelligence. And even the few intelligent ones have the bloodlust of their lesser brethren and the desire to inflict pain and eat brains and use their last shreds of intelligence to lure the still alive ones into insidious traps to feast on them while commanding their lesser brethren as armies of undead.
  • The Unseen who are found in the ancient labyrinths of Libaterra are pure nightmare given form. They are sort of gargoyles who remain stationary and appear as statues or mannequins of beautiful, nude women with fox tails who happen to cover their faces with their hands in what mimicks weeping. However, when clueless adventurers pass them by and if they stop looking at them, they'll start moving really quickly and without sound out of the adventurers' field of vision while slowly surrounding the adventurers like a pack of wolves. At this time their faces are finally revealed, and they're so horrific that even most war veterans are close to being driven insane by just looking at them. As long as you don't blink and you have a source of light to keep them off, you'll be fine...but if you turn your back for any of the dozens of Unseen even a second, they'll ensure that the light will be extinquished and you'll end up in pitch black so they can move freely. And once they catch the victim, they suck the juices from their bodies, leaving only empty husks with terrified looks on their faces behind while moving on to the next victim. Some Unseen are made of wood and can be set on fire after which they scream horribly, but many Unseen are made of metal or stone and can't be harmed by anything. They're also clever enough to learn from their mistakes, so fooling them twice with the same approach won't work.
  • Any trip through the Land of the Dead is a horrific experience for anyone still alive. Many of the malicious spirits of the dead subject living interlopers to brutal mental torture which is difficult to break free from, and they often use the victim's guilt against them in an effort to break them and make them remain behind in the realm so that the dead can feast on their pain and emotions.
  • Dreadlady Jahi. After going through utter hell and seeing her world crumble around her while her loved ones get killed off or tortured one by one, she's eventually coerced into becoming the second-in-command of the Eastern Horde to spare the rest of her people from the same fate. She gives into the darkness within, reverting back to her old ways with horrific consequences. Mental and physical torture depicted in gory detail, rape, emotional manipulations, domestic violence, incest and worse things start happening at a rapid pace, showing just what kind of monster has been sleeping inside the previously broody Matron of Threshold.