YMMV / The Forgotten Legion

  • Complete Monster: The fugitivarius Scaevola is a political opportunist and cruel thug introduced attempting to capture a renegade slave given sanctuary by Decimus Brutus's mistress, the former prostitute Fabiola. After being repulsed, Scaevola begins murdering her subordinates and eventually invades her home when she is away, killing and selling her slaves, murdering her soldiers and torturing the original runaway slave to death to get information. Upon locating Fabiola, Scaevola tries to rape her before being driven off, and even castrates a boy just for annoying him. Later allying himself with Marc Antony, Scaevola takes to murdering supporters of the Republican faction in Rome's civil war, and when Fabiola takes over her old brothel, Scaevola orders a blockade of it to prevent her from getting any business before stalking Fabiola and stabbing a friend of hers in the Temple of Orcus, an unthinkable crime in Roman society. Finally, Scaevola invades the brothel to kill everyone inside, with intent of having the prostitutes raped by his men so he can rape Fabiola himself and torture her to death.