Awesome / The Forgotten Legion

  • Romulus killing a FUCKING RHINO with nothing but a spear that he managed to steal.
    • Even better is Caesar's reaction to this. Most people in his spot would have commanded archers to kill Romulus on the spot but Caesar recognizes this brave feat and rewards Romulus for it handsomely.
  • When Romulus finally meets up with Gemellus and he finally learns to let his anger go after Mattius is staring at him in horror.
  • Also, Romulus taking out Scaevola. The man had been a Jerkass the entire trilogy and his death is very satisfying.
  • Fabiola fighting off Caesar's advances. The man is the most powerful man in Rome and she is nothing but a former whore, yet she lets him know in no uncertain terms what she feels about him.
  • The battle at the brothel in the third book.