YMMV: The Fantastic Four (1967)

  • Awesome Music- The theme song.
  • Memetic Mutation: "I MUST FLEE"Explanation 
  • Narm: Doctor Doom's voice sounds inappropriately cheesy by today's standards.
  • Tearjerker/Heartwarming Moment: When Doctor Doom aims a Power Nullifier at Reed and Johnny, Ben takes the hit, turning him back into a human. Doom offers Ben the chance to go out and live a normal life like before getting hit by the cosmic rays. However, after Ben sees footage of Doom placing the rest of the Fantastic Four in Death Traps, Ben proclaims that spending an eternity as the Thing would prove worth it if it means keeping his friends safe, and uses the reverse setting on the power nullifier to restore his strength-and grotesqueness.
  • What an Idiot: Doctor Doom doesn't bother disguising his voice when replacing the photographer at Sue's fashion shoot, but she still doesn't recognize him until after she falls for the trap he planted.