YMMV / The Dilgar War

  • Crazy Awesome: Joe Tennant by virtue of what he pulled at Markab.
  • Faux Symbolism: One example of which the author is not even responsible. The Dilgar launched their genocidal rampage to escape their sun going nova. Earthforce dreadnoughts and latest model of Starfury are named Nova-class , and Earthforce heavy cruiser class (the same class of the EAS Persephone, the first Earth warship the Dilgar fought, when it obliterated five times her mass in Dilgar warship before Jha'dur arrived with her fleet. Then the Persephone charged Jha'dur's flagship) is named after Hyperion, the Titan of the Sun. Had Lord of Misrule named them instead of the authors of the tabletop game, it would have highly symbolic of Earth's role in the war.
    • Also, according to J. Michael Straczynski, Earth's most advanced weapon technology are nuclear fusion bombs, that makes use of the same reaction that fuels stars, and Earthforce is quite nuke-happy, perfecting the Faux Symbolism.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Jha'dur crossed it twice. The first time was after joining the military, when she accidentally closed an undisciplined subordinate in a sealed room being emptied from air and, instead of saving him, activated the sterilization protocol of the room, becoming the person that would be feared by the League. Then, after her brother's death, she became even worse.
  • Nightmare Fuel: According to legends, if your ship is destroyed when it's in the vortex to cross in hyperspace you'll never die, being locked in the moment of death forever. In-universe, that's actual source of nightmares for many spacers, and Sha'dur the one who could have said if it was actually possible, actually died when his ship was rammed in an hyperspace vortex by a Markab cruiser.
    • What happens to the Dilgar victims. If you're particularly unlucky, you may piss off Jha'dur, and that's even worse.
    • The timing of the Drafa Plague. Did it remain dormant for centuries or Jha'dur recreated it to exterminate the Markab?