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YMMV: The Darkon Wargaming Club
  • Awesome, but Impractical: The Cavalier class. A quite literal example of a Prestige Class, you gain a combination of the Fighter's ability to use any weapon, a number of the Cleric's utility and healing spells, and the ability to declare a weapon you are wielding as a Holy weapon. So what are the requirements? You have to be a Noble, of lawful alignment, must stay true to the cavalier's code, and have to sacrifice every level and ability unlocked of the class your Noble character is, to become a level 1 cavalier, and have several additional garb/armor restrictions applied to you. Most players who didn't attain nobility as a fighter, tend to skip the option and remain their original class.
    • Some of the Yellow (bludgeoning) weapons are this. Sure, a great hammer is big, and intimidating, but it will still never be as capable or easy to use as a sword, or a bar style weapon.
  • Awesome Yet Practical: Greatswords, which are of the black (Cleaving) damage color class. They're big, they're intimidating, deal 2 damage on armor (which can only take up to 4 points of damage for the strongest armor), not that much harder to use than the below mentioned "White swords" and can also be given red (armor piercing) "Stabby tips" meaning they can double as a spear or glaive of sorts. Unarmored foes hit with one, as with all similar damage will out of the fight, and lightly armored foes will be at least "injured" or have destroyed armor. On top of all this, they can be swung one handed, albeit for reduced damage. It takes someone using one of the larger shields, or a polearm to fight safely against a skilled greatsword user
    • Chained Yellow weapons, which include flails. Normally bludgeoning weapons in Darkon aren't the most effective at removing someone from a fight, limited to only torso hits to inflict mortal wounds, and death to an opponent. Chained Yellow weapons however, use a striking surface that's basically a spellball (soft pillow ball) attached to a cloth rope with some foam "chain links" on it, making them safe for head strikes. A fair amount of armor wearers don't wear helmets for a number of reasons (typically comfort and awareness issues), providing a chained yellow weapon user an easy One-Hit Kill against them. Additionally thanks to the flexibility of the "chain" connecting the head to the grip, it can wrap around a weapon or shield being used for defense, and still score a hit.
  • Boring, but Practical: The "White sword" weapon color class, which includes short and long swords. They'll probably be the first weapons you'll ever use when you join Darkon, thanks to restrictions that prevent players from using two handed weapons, and ranged weapons for their first 5 and 10 events respectively. They deal minimum damage upon hitting a foe, and just about everyone can use them minus clerics. They are also amongst the easiest to use, can typically be swung quickly, work with many different weapon combinations and players fighting styles, and can be constructed with a "Stabby tip" to thrust with them for Red (armor piercing) damage.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Someone says this ever year when a new rule change goes through.

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