YMMV / The ColSec Trilogy

  • Complete Monster: Lamprey is a former Crusher turned gangster who was exiled to Klydor alongside the protagonists. Repeatedly trying to assert dominance over the group, Lamprey was driven out after he murdered several of the forest aliens for being ugly—thus starting a war—and tried to kill Cord. Returning to stalk and harass the group, Lamprey nearly beat Jeko to death and tried to kidnap Samella, who led him into the woods after making her getaway. Encountering the aliens again, Lamprey killed four dozen of them before they overwhelmed him and brought him down. A clear demonstration of what happens when a petty sadist is given elite combat-training, Lamprey was the only exile who actually deserved to dumped off on Klydor.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Lamprey shooting natives because they're "ugly." Tuller selling out the the three non-Streeters to the government.