Awesome / The ColSec Trilogy

  • In Caves, the kids are facing off against a Crusher team in the titular setting. Bren, who was planning a Heroic Sacrifice, gets injured and loses consciousness before he can attempt to carry it out. Cord has the rest of the kids get Bren to safety, then tries to carry out the plan himself—namely, shooting the roof of the cave and causing a collapse right on top of the baddies. He survives by sheer dumb luck. Unfortunately, so does the leader of the Crusher team; luckily, Bren succeeds in doing away with him.
  • In Rebellion, the five are helping out Jeko and Rontal's compatriots in a turf war. Cord gets sucker-punched and stunned, and the other guy has an axe. Then, Samella distracts the bad guy, tosses dust in his face, and kicks him in the rocks.
    Samella: Now who needs looking after?
  • And then, there's how in the final battle, Samella rigs the entire asteroid to self-destruct at her next keystroke and threatens to push the button if the Civil Defenders don't stand down, basically winning the day for everyone. Of course, she was bluffing...not about rigging the overload, mind you, but about being able to go through with it.