YMMV / The Cartoon Chronicles of Conroy Cat

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  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Because the strip ended a year before Toons These Days ended, the latter has been more popular than the comic, to the point where there are fans who aren't aware that there's even a comic strip. Also, Doggy has been much more popular than Conroy because of that show, whereas he was the deuteragonist in the strip.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In his review of Total Drama, Doggy mispronounces Total Drama World Tour as "Total Drama...Vietnam or something. An episode of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race has the cast go to Vietnam.
  • More Popular Spinoff: Toons These Days, as noted above.
  • No Pronunciation Guide: Spoofed in-universe in Toons These Days where Doggy pronounces the title of an anime "Na-ROO-toe", and a footnote can be seen for a split second that reads "How's my trolling? Call 555-I-DONT-GIVE-A-CRAP-ABOUT-HOW-ITS-PRONOUNCED-YA-BUTTHURT-BABY!".
  • Sophomore Slump: A minor but very vocal group is pointing out how Toons These Days Season 2 so far has lost anything that made the show enjoyable: Doggy's actor was replaced thrice, he barely raises his voice, the writing isn't funny anymore, and the mouth flaps now adapt this kind of anime-style animation of simply repeating it on 3's over and over again.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Brian Fisher's performance, arguably.