Funny / The Cartoon Chronicles of Conroy Cat

  • Doggy's review of ProblemSolverz. He spends half of it screaming in horror.
  • In the review of Johnny Test, Doggy rants about "extreme" attitudes in today's cartoons to "try" to appeal to a hipper demographic. It's become a light Running Gag in succeeding reviews.
    "But they always manage to win in the end! Why?! Because they're totally cool dudes! I AM SO SICK OF TOTALLY COOL DUDES!!! THEY'RE!! NOT!! FUNNY!!"
    • He then goes to literally bouncing off the walls of the padded cell he was locked in.
  • Of the 3 voice actors Doggy had, Brian Fisher was arguably the best and the funniest. It helps that the whole review show came out mainly because of him- his audition was all improvised, and impressed Alex enough to start it, and Brian ultimately wrote the episodes he appeared in.
  • He introduces "Stupid Idiot Ninja Filler" in his Naruto review. It comes back in the Toonami review.
  • Three words, Total Drama Vietnam