YMMV / The Call

  • Idiot Ball: Grasped by both Casey and Jordan at different points:
    • Casey when Michael is attacking the driver who saw the car and is about to call 9-1-1 - she's in the back of Michael's car, awake and untied, and for some reason she stays there instead of running when she has the chance. (Given that she's shown to be fairly resourceful later on, that really doesn't make sense.)
    • Jordan when she gets an aural clue to the psycho's location and charges over there by herself instead of calling her boyfriend. Who's a cop. All right, It's Personal and it's also a case of That One Case, but...
  • Plot-Sensitive Items:
    • When Jordan arrives at the place where Casey is being held, her phone appears to have no service. However, when she rescues Casey at that very spot, she attempts to call 9-1-1, as if she now has cellular service.
      • It wasn't the area that was the problem. The problem was that she dropped her phone into an underground murder lair. Cell phones don't work well underground. She's in the middle of phoning 911 when she fumbles the phone in the first place.