YMMV / The 4th Wall

  • Nightmare Fuel: The eyes! Jesus Christ, THE EYES!!
    • The static maze is a very unsettling place to walk around in. You can barely tell where you are going and the static noise will drive you mad. And the cherry topping this freaky, surreal maze: the grey man can pop up here to scare you!
    • At the end of the game, depending on which version you have, the game will leave you with the impression it has crashed... UNTIL THE STATIC HAND OR THE GREY MAN SHOWS UP ON YOUR SCREEN!
      • In the older PC versions, the game will pop up a cruddy, low-resolution picture of the worm bloodied and torn apart. The worse part that this is not done in a manner of pop-ups in a Screamer Prank, instead it opens the image directly with Windows Picture Veiwer, the standard component for viewing your pictures and images. Good luck sleeping after that.
    • Azuritereaction's two-part playthrough of the old version. It's bad enough, mind you, that this game was made to play off of his own personal fears, but it works with a scarily-accurate effect on him right off the get go. Not only does start the second part by stating how badly his body is shaking because of it's effects on him, but when the fourth wall fails to protect him when the hand showed up on his desktop, he absolutely flips out, with a very prominent facecam, no less. When the worm image opens up in Windows Image Viewer, he runs for the couch behind him.
    "Okay, well, umm... yeah."
    "Um, I'm going, I-I quit that for right now—"
    (cue the hand)