YMMV / Tenshi Trail

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  • Mary Sue — Sakura, more specifically, a Purity Sue and a Relationship Sue for Spike. She's so beautiful that every time she enters a room or changes clothes, she is described as looking as beautiful as a "tenshi" or "megami" and men always get turned on by looking at her. (Descriptions of her, of which there are many, describe how gorgeous her curves and legs are. (Her skins as described as feeling like "velvet and rose petals". Her face is "like an expensive china doll".) She is even described in an "ad" for the story as being "wanted by thousands of men".) She has enough power to destroy all of the creation, and as a result, everyone in Heaven, Hell, and everywhere in-between wants to possess her. She (and the people she attracts) are allowed to stay on The Bebop without doing a lot of work. (Despite the fact that the crew is usually shown in the actual series to be in dire need of money and food.) She does end up getting a job in one chapter. But she is instantly hired as a nurse in a hospital, without an interview and no credentials or experience, after volunteering for a kids' party there. And yet, she's still completely innocent and sweet while being alluring and sexy at the same time. In the future, she ends up marrying Spike and having a daughter named Miya.
    • Jet also get one in the form of Ume Isamu, a calligraphy teacher (called "everyone's favorite senshi" in her profile) who is described as being so beautiful, sweet (but a vixen), gentle, and charming that her male students want to fuck her, her female students look up to her, and she can turn gay men straight. She was forced into marrying her abusive mafia husband and was suicidal before she eloped with Jet. Also a Purity Sue Relationship Sue combo.
  • So Bad, It's GoodCowboy Bebop is often described as an anime for people who don't like anime. This story pretty much adds in all of the elements that people who like Bebop but don't like anime don't want to read about. Then there's the whole Mary Sue and Fangirl Japanese thing.
  • Unnecessary Makeover — Faye gives Sakura one. (She wanted to make her more "sexy" instead of cute.)