YMMV / Tangent Comics

  • Complete Monster: Secret Six: Dr. Aquadus, the Tangent Universe's version of Aquaman, was a Soviet scientist and chief director of Svitavy Collective who developed the Red Tornado, a lethal chemical weapon later employed in the Czech War in the bombing of a populated town— leading to countless agonizing deaths in the process. After a haywire experiment transfers Aquadus's consciousness into the nearby lakeside, Aquadus decides to use his new form and powers for his own ends, engineering destructive experiments in the Pacific Ocean that kill thousands of Sea Devils through the seismic activity. When finally confronted by the Secret Six, Aquadus reveals his intention to blow up the moon and utterly flood the Earth, plunging it into a "new age" of his own mad design.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The Joker is one of the few recognizable and well-remembered characters from this series.
  • Sequelitis: Superman's Reign was not very well-received compared to the original run of titles.