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YMMV: Tamako Market
  • Base Breaker: Upon the first episode's airing, many complained about Dela taking up too much screentime, annoyed by it, considering he's probably the farthest from a typical Kyoto Animation character. For some, this has been enough to consider dropping the series. As the series progresses, Dera's character is worked into the story considerably better.Indeed. from episode 7 onwards, he might be the most important supporting character depending on how the main storyline with his prince's bride plays out.
  • Die for Our Ship: Midori is receiving a lot of this for interfering with Mochizou/Tamako as of episode 5. By extension, Mochizou is this for Midori/Tamako shippers.
  • Earworm: The ending, "Neguse".
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Some fan circles see Kanna as "best girl" in the show and call her ungodly awesome, since she builds things instinctively due to being the daughter of a carpenter, carries a hammer around with command, speaks in a cool monotone, has epic lines, and trolls Dera.
  • Het is Ew: Inverted, Tamako x Mochizou is a popular pairing, while Midori is the receiving most of the Die for Our Ship.
    • Can be played straight. Some fans prefer Tamako x Midori and with that said, Mochizou instead gets the Die for Our Ship treatment.
  • Les Yay:
    • Midori for Tamako:
      • Episode 2 heavily implies that Midori is in love with Tamako, with Midori remarking that "anyone can love anyone" and wistfully contemplating Tamako in the coffee shop.
      • In Episode 5, Midori is initially quick to sabotage any attempt by Mochizou to confess to Tamako. Dela also basically confirms Midori's love by remarking that Mochizou and Midori are giving off the same scent.
      • Not to mention, she's the most affected out of the girls in Episode 11
    • Shiori for Tamako: Shiori watched Tamako for some time before finally becoming friends with her.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Midori/Tamako vs. Mochizou/Tamako.
    • There are also people out there that ship Mochizou/Midori
  • Unfortunate Implications: Mecha's servants look a bit too much like a certain racial stereotype...

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