YMMV / Superman Tenchi The Inhuman Condition

  • Ass Pull: Tenchi is powerful yes, but come on....turning the Jurai energy in his sword into sunlight and using it to heal Superman? Really? From the kid who couldn't figure out how to even work the damn sword a few months prior? Be best if the author just handed the good guys an I win button.
    • Wasn't the point of that sequence to be payoff to the scene several chapters earlier when Superman told Tenchi that he had a responsibility to learn how his powers worked to protect those around him? Tenchi just went Silver Age on examining the fact that the Tenchi-ken could absorb Ryoko's gems when Yosho sealed her, and used it to Take a Third Option in the duel — in an act of Superdickery, to boot!
      • Given the fact that the ship was orbiting a non-yellow sun at the time, the reader has to wonder where the yellow sunlight came from to be absorbed.
    • To a lesser degree, the whole idea that Superman was secretly conducting an experiment to test Washu's theory the whole time is a bit much to swallow.
  • Idiot Plot: As Villain Ball demonstrates, Legion could've won before the story even started if he just stopped and used his brain for a little bit.