YMMV / Sub Machine

  • Awesome Art: Oh yes. The artwork, after some Art Evolution, is simply stunning; it's painstakingly detailed and brimming with atmosphere in every single frame. In particular, the intricately detailed Mayan statues in 32 Chambers, the beautiful bioluminescent plants in The Core, the Arabic palace in The Plan and pretty much the entirety of The Temple and The Exit stand out.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming - Or possibly Crowning Moment of Thank God It's Over when at the very end of the series, after thirteen games of empty rooms and cryptic notes you escape the Submachine and see two people. One is a woman. The other is a man with a karma arm. And there's a black cat in the background.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome - The Winter Garden music.
    • The baroque-style organ music on the lowest level of The Temple when you discover the tombs of Murtaugh and Liz.
  • Nightmare Fuel - People who have solitude issues or claustrophobia should probably think a bit before playing this game.
    • When you play Submachine Network Exploration Experience, the coordinates 666 land you in Hell. Visually it's a small room, dimly lit with red light, with a ladder that you cannot climb to the top of because it leads into absolute darkness... and the audio is loud, intense distortion noises that sound like demons growling and shrieking. Can also be Nothing Is Scarier, given that all the scary stuff in the room is only suggested or ambient.
      • Hell reappears much later in Submachine 10, as a bizarre version of the original Submachine 1 basement. It's possibly the creepiest area in the game, if not the series.
  • Paranoia Fuel - Loads of it if you get the sense that you are being watched (like the hovering security cameras in Submachine Network Exploration Experience).
    • Sometimes in later games, you'll be able to visit places you've been to in earlier games and find that things have changed. Some of these changes are because of your actions when you were there before, but then there are... other changes, made by someone or something else, that are not explained. Like smashed lights, broken ladders, added Karma Portals, and Location 747's rubble cleared away to reveal a second corridor that seems to go on forever. The likely real-life reasons for these changes (practical and/or Rule of Cool) may or may not make this any less creepy.
    • One theory in the Exploration Experience (aka Submachine Universe) suggests that the Subnet may have been changing the letters you find to make the previously benevolent Mur seem evil. After he apparently leaves you to die you still escape through a very convenient portal that gives you easy access to the Core.
      Because what [the Subnet] might have been doing all along is replacing its old defence system with a new one. One which is mobile, unhackable, highly skilled and capable of infiltrating the human infestation.
      One that has been conditioned to think Mur is a traitor.
    • This can be switched to a second theory where certain key words are changed - and Mur has been conditioned to hunt down Liz.
  • Player Punch: In Sub 9 Murtaugh, the guy who has been directing you, manipulating you, speaking with you, and who had been your only likely chance for a human connection in the Subnet, is found dead. And not just dead. Mummified. Who knows how long he has been dead? You're alone and always have been. And the same case for Elizabeth a little later on...
  • Unwinnable by Insanity: In Submachine 10, if you remove the ladder in the dock from the ship and then teleport back to the Loop using the lighthouse portal while it's still active, the game is essentially rendered unwinnable, since the player will not be able to leave the ship. It has been referred to as an unofficial bad ending by some players.