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YMMV: Strike Series
aka: Desert Strike
  • Complete Monster: Malone of Urban Strike for blowing up his own son with a car bomb to get rid of an agent, as well as assaulting and militarising many American cities and attacking New York with his satellite laser make them an example.
    • Kym Zung-Lee blows up his own capital city with a nuclear bomb (trying to murder numerous foreign diplomats- including President Clinton- who were in torn for a phony peace conference in the process) in order to justify an invasion of South Korea.
    • The Big Bad of Nuclear Strike, Colonel Beauford LeMonde, steals a nuclear bomb from Belarus and smuggles it to the capital of North Korea while working with the leader, Kym, to instigate a second Korean War. Then he flees to his secret stronghold in a nondescript location in Siberia and tries to destroy several cities around the world with ICBMs, and when that plan failed, he attempts to launch a proto-nuclear doomsday weapon to utterly destroy the ozone layer, which will expose every single being in the planet to die a slow, burning death from radiation by both the UV rays and the proto-nuclear device's residual fallout. Fortunately, STRIKE and the player character put a complete stop to his insane plans, and had him assassinated in an airstrike. From General Earle's own words of the man: "that man was certifiable".
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The very first mission of Soviet Strike is about taking out a former KGB operator in Crimea, which was erroneously labeled as being in Russia. 17 years later, well, not so erroneous anymore...
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In Urban Strike, which was released in 1994, a terrorist attack takes place in New York in 2001. You also have to rescue civilians from the World Trade Center AND defuse a bomb that has been planted within it after Malone fires a satellite laser beam at it.
    • Soviet Strike's first mission takes place in Crimea. Guess where the Russian military showed up in 2014?
  • Porting Distillation: Soviet Strike is 3D, but its Sega Saturn version has more detailed textures and extra wingtip weapons than the PlayStation version while running at roughly the same framerate. It's practically the only Electronic Arts port to turn out well on the Saturn.
  • Retroactive Recognition: The FMV clips in Nuclear Strike were Moon Bloodgood's first filmed role.
  • That One Level: The 4th Mission along the Korean DMZ in Nuclear Strike can become ridiculous if you have no idea on what to do and where to go. It's bad enough that the KPA will send shit-tons of vehicles at you but the fact that they have underground tunnels to help them safely bypass your allies and get to the other side will change the problem to a headache in the long run. There are also a few SCUD launchers that will destroy some vital facilities and supplies if they're not dealt with right away.
    • To elaborate, your first objective is to pick up Andrea. No enemies to contend with, you have a generous time limit, about the only way to fail at this stage is to go north and destroy a building. Your second objective is to do what you can in an all out war, with enemy subs, commandos, tanks, scud launchers and troop transports all doing their level best to wipe out your allies before the entire North Korean army make their way south. If your name happened to be God-Mode Sue you might be able to scrape by with minimal casualties, if not the best you can do is hold off the main attack force enough until reinforcements arrive.

alternative title(s): Desert Strike
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